About Andreas

Here is a quick and incomplete text version of my CV:

After working for three and a half years as a Network/Systems Administrator at Schlüsselbauer Technology in Austria, I decided to start my Bachelor’s degree part-time in Information Technology and Systems Management at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Whilst working for (amongst others) Bosch Diesel Systems in Hallein, the Digital Arts and Media Festival Ars Electronica and the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society at Salzburg University, my interest in Human-Computer Interaction in our age grew and grew. In 2013, while working with the brilliant folks at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, I applied for and subsequently was offered a position for a PhD studentship at Nottingham University’s Horizon CDT, specifically in the Mixed Reality Lab. However, the leap from Bachelor’s straight to PhD turned out to be a bit too much, and after a long struggle I returned back home to Austria, quit the PhD and went back to IT Networks Administration and Systems Engineering. 

In private I absolutely love music, and working with Makers and Creatives of all sorts!

tweet occasionally, and you can definitely find out more about me online.


A quote:
Wo kämen wir hin wenn jeder nur sagte ‘wo kämen wir hin?’ und keiner ginge um zu sehen wohin wir kämen wenn wir nur gingen?


This blog, like my Twitter account, serves as a general outlet of when I want to talk about things – some of a professional nature, but all obviously my private opinion.


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