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Meeting maker researchers – the DENs DIY researchers colloquium

I’ve organised a RCUK Digital Economy CDT Network- funded workshop leaning on the principles of a barCamp for researchers across the UK who are interested in making/crafts/hacking and maker culture on the day before MakerFaire UK 2014 last weekend (if you want more information about it, either ask me or check out the webpage), and the feedback I’ve received was quite good – My aim for this workshop was to get a feel of what “maker research” in the UK is focussing on and what the topics of interest from an academic perspective are, and I do think that goal has been achieved, thanks to everyone who participated and shared their thoughts on the subject!

We’ve had quite a lively mix of participants, from hardware hackers to documentary makers, creative communities such as the comic maker scene to crowdsourcing topics, textile crafters and many many more.

The entire event was organised in a very ad-hoc manner, with only two weeks time from registration opening to the event happening, the turnout turned out to be very good, and we’re going to keep the conversations we’ve started alive, so I’m as happy as I can possibly be!

MakerFaire itself was awesome too, had good chats with awesome folks, among those the EPIK project, who are enabling kids to learn programming in Java by developing mods for Minecraft, and the always-inspiring Nottingham Hackspace  as well as the Hackspace Foundation folks, who are trying to connect all hackspaces across the UK to share knowledge within these.

checking out @ShrimpingIt's self-made Arduino during the break

checking out @ShrimpingIt’s make-your-own-Arduino kit during the break

A big thank you for everyone involved in making this happen, especially David Green and the Digital Interaction Group at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, who provided us with their workshop area to set the proper scene for our gathering!


[edit: the RCUK Digital Economy Network now has its own website, therefore I updated the link]


PhD advice

I’ve received and read a lot of advice on what is important when doing a PhD since I’m here at Nottingham University, which is why I’ve compiled it into a list to maybe help you in case you’re struggling with your PhD (if you don’t know what a PhD is, here’s a good explanation).


Some of it is conflicting with one another, and the most important thing to remember is probably that every PhD is unique, so not all of the advice on it applies to everyone.

It’s not ordered in any way, at most it is grouped – but most importantly, some advice is missing, and this is why I’ve put it up here to discuss about it – I’d really appreciate your feedback and thoughts about how to extend this list!

Here’s the link to the document: the (probably never complete) list of PhD advice I’ve received 

Let me hear your opinion!

to the Horizon

So yeah, I’ve started a 4-year PhD Programme at the University of Nottingham‘s Horizon DTC, a doctoral training center (yes, that’s what the DTC stands for) dedicated to researching the digital economy.

And so far, two weeks in, everything seems really nice, the place is lovely, the flatmates are awesome, the colleagues impressive – everything as it should be 🙂

as we have to do taught courses as well, in the recommended readings of one of them was a link to a TED talk ( Kevin Kelly – How Technology evolves ) that I’ve found to be very interesting… but, following up on a mention of a colleague, the one thing that I think everyone should watch (und auf TED gibt’s Untertitel in vielen vielen Sprachen 😉 ) is this one by Dan Ariely:

Dan Ariely – are we in control of our own decisions?

(and: oh, wow, i just realized that’s from 2009! )

(on a second note, i don’t know what’s so exciting about the 2009 thing. GO WATCH IT ANYWAY 😉 )