a notebook riser – made from a shoebox

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m kind of crazy about how I can make my work (and also life) environment more convenient and generally nice to be in. Desktop Computers used to be more easily adjustable to your own ergonomic preferences – something that is not as easily done when your main computer is a laptop. There is plenty of research on screen height, body posture and ergonomics in workplaces, most of it saying that the top screen border should roughly be on or around eye level.

This is where Notebook risers come in. I’ve worked in plenty of semi-hotdesk, open plan offices, and an additional external screen, keyboard and mouse always made my life easier (and me therefore more productive I hope!). Since I’m a student now and proper notebook risers are ridiculously expensive, I’ve come up with a cheap solution to make a notebook riser myself – and all it took was a shoebox and some duct tape!

It just shouts for customisation, and the space between the shoebox and the laptop is still available for storing things – future versions could potentially be foldable, etc… well, make it yourself and let me see what you come up with!

pics to prove it happened:

notebook riser notebook riser from the back notebook riser in action at the workplace


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