to the Horizon

So yeah, I’ve started a 4-year PhD Programme at the University of Nottingham‘s Horizon DTC, a doctoral training center (yes, that’s what the DTC stands for) dedicated to researching the digital economy.

And so far, two weeks in, everything seems really nice, the place is lovely, the flatmates are awesome, the colleagues impressive – everything as it should be 🙂

as we have to do taught courses as well, in the recommended readings of one of them was a link to a TED talk ( Kevin Kelly – How Technology evolves ) that I’ve found to be very interesting… but, following up on a mention of a colleague, the one thing that I think everyone should watch (und auf TED gibt’s Untertitel in vielen vielen Sprachen 😉 ) is this one by Dan Ariely:

Dan Ariely – are we in control of our own decisions?

(and: oh, wow, i just realized that’s from 2009! )

(on a second note, i don’t know what’s so exciting about the 2009 thing. GO WATCH IT ANYWAY 😉 )


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